Reasons for Being Trans #214

Why am I trans?

Well, it all started a thousand years ago when I was between reincarnations. I thought of all the men and women I'd been in my countless previous lives and decided I'd really like to try something a touch more exotic. It was another twelve incarnation before I finally worked up the nerve to take the plunge! Of course, transsexual rebirths are in high demand amongst bored, novelty-seeking spirits between incarnations, but it just so happens I'd gotten top grades at Plato's Meno Memorial University of Omniscience so I was a shoe-in for the position.

4 - Reincarnation.jpg


Lately I've been going to this alternative worship group for artists called Emmaus that the United Church runs now and then. I'm by no means a Christian but it's fair to say that most of my mental resources over the past decade have been eaten up alternatively by spirituality and art so it's not a bad fit for me. They're cool with trannies and queers so that helps. Jessica of course is a Christian and has been looking for a like-minded community since she realized being a crazy alternative artist didn't sit so well with the Pentecostals.

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