godVERBATIM - Cover Art

I spent a good chunk of last week illustrating the poster for godVERBATIM, a local community theater project I've been taking part in. It's basically about the often amusing foibles of people trying to make sense of spirituality in the 21st Century—usually without the encumbrance of an actual religion. We'll be taking part in the Ottawa Fringe Festival so if that's your bag consider popping in and watching me try not to freak out from stage fright.

Anyway, this illustration I did is one of the nicer pieces of art I've done in recent memory. I documented my creative process this time around so you can expect a post on that sometime in the near future. In the meantime I've decided to put up a new gallery featuring some of the cover art I've done over the years. It includes the previously unreleased cover art for Sexy Moonlight Adventure Saga, which I'll be re-releasing someday in the distant future, and Panic Syndrome, an attempted revival of the first draft of my Magnum Opus.

8 - Post Process.jpg


Lately I've been going to this alternative worship group for artists called Emmaus that the United Church runs now and then. I'm by no means a Christian but it's fair to say that most of my mental resources over the past decade have been eaten up alternatively by spirituality and art so it's not a bad fit for me. They're cool with trannies and queers so that helps. Jessica of course is a Christian and has been looking for a like-minded community since she realized being a crazy alternative artist didn't sit so well with the Pentecostals.

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Charter of the Artsmith's Guild

It's been decided: I now have a website.

Before I had a domain name and a bunch of pages with my art and writing on them, but I didn't really have a website. It's not enough to make the occasional miserly contribution to an online portfolio of random samples I hold some inscrutable private affinity for. How I decide what's worth releasing and what's not has always been somewhat of a mystery, even to me.

At the moment I'm thinking a website ought to be more like an open door to an artist's studio. 

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