Lately I've been going to this alternative worship group for artists called Emmaus that the United Church runs now and then. I'm by no means a Christian but it's fair to say that most of my mental resources over the past decade have been eaten up alternatively by spirituality and art so it's not a bad fit for me. They're cool with trannies and queers so that helps. Jessica of course is a Christian and has been looking for a like-minded community since she realized being a crazy alternative artist didn't sit so well with the Pentecostals.

The following's a little doodle I made for the group's Facebook. I'd be a lot more likely to go to a church if it advertised itself with something like this. I like things that are kind of crazy. You could also argue it represents community, and diversity, and everyone marching forward together on a spiritual journey—but why can't spirituality just be fun? People are nicer when they're having fun. Why should we have to try to be better people? Being nice to each other happens naturally when people chill out and try to have a nice time.