Despite centuries of intensive scholarship much controversy remains as to the identity of quasi-legendary Canadian folk hero Lake.

Lake has worked freelance as a writer, illustrator, and game developer and loves mucking about in all kinds of styles and mediums. He also has a useless degree in “History, Classics and Religion” from Carleton U. While his impressive GPA could have gotten him into grad school he chose to run away and join the circus at Algonquin College's Game Development Program instead. While there, he taught as a Program Assistant.

Recently he has been working on his first novel. He'll actually finish it one of these days, we promise. His favourite thing ever is doodling in his sketchbook but he's also working hard to fulfil his dream of publishing some spiffy graphic novels.

Lake lives like a hermit out of his home in Ottawa with his wife, Jessica Rousseau. He also has a pet Nintendo he feeds cartridges to now and then, usually ancient RPG's and action-adventures.

He likes to bike and swim most days and hopes someday to return to his beloved martial arts, possibly after his knee stops being busted. He and Jessica are also committed food-snobs. Their health-conscious hippy lifestyle must be insufferable to those around them. Lake also sleeps an awful lot.